Affiliate Program

Make Money With Our Affiliate ProgramWhat Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Program                                          Brines & Company is the leading private exchange for retirees and Medicare beneficiaries. The Brines & Co. Affiliate Program allows you to make money from your website by:

  • Placing affiliate links and professionally designed banners on your website.
  • Co-Branded web page advertising your brand.

How the Program Works
Affiliates send traffic to through special links that allow us to track leads and sales. We pay the affiliate based on the action taken by the visitor:

  • $250 – Medicare Supplement Insurance – A visitor signs up and is approved for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.
  • $25 – Prescription Drug Plan – A visitor signs up and is approved for a Prescription Drug Plan.

We review all applications and once approved, we will provide your links so you can start earning money!

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