Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to answer health questions?

You do not need to answer health questions if you are new to Medicare, turning 65, or if you are in your birthday month and live in the state of California. You also do not need to answer any health questions if you have a Special Election Period (SEP).


Will my doctors and hospitals take my new plan?

Yes, because original Medicare is your primary insurance, by law, you can go to any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare patients. If you change companies, you can continue using your same doctors and hospitals. Nothing will change.


Can I change my medicare supplement now?

The best time to change your medicare supplement insurance company is during your birthday month. This is because you will have guaranteed issue under the California Birthday Rule and you will not have to answer any health questions.


What is the California Birthday Rule?

The California Birthday Rule gives you a 30 day window to change insurance companies, and as long as you keep the same plan with the same benefits you do not need to answer health questions during this time. You will have guaranteed issue.


Will my benefits be the same with my new company?

Medicare supplement plans are standardized, meaning every insurance company must offer the same exact plans with the same exact benefits. As long as you keep the same letter (Plan G, for example), you will keep the same benefits.


This sounds too good to be true...

“There can be big differences in the premiums that different insurance companies charge for exactly the same coverage” Page 19, 2020, Choosing a Medigap Policy, Center for Medicare Services

According to Medicare, it is true!