Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

We work with over 30 different insurance companies who offer medicare supplement insurance and help you compare prices, price increase history, pricing methods, financial ratings, and more.

“There can be big differences in the amount different insurance companies charge for the exact same plan” – 2020 Guide to Medigap Plans, Center for Medicare Services


Who can Buy the policy?

  • Anyone in the State of California who currently has a plan and can use the “California Birthday Rule”

  • Anyone who is turning 65 or new to Medicare Part B.
  • Anyone who is in good health and can qualify through underwriting.
  • Anyone who is currently in a Special Election Period (SEP)

Key Benefits of Working with Brines & Company

  • Experienced Insurance Agents
  • We specialize in Medicare Supplement Plans
  • We help with Prescription Drug Plans
  • Local insurance agentsĀ 
  • We take care of all the paperwork

  • We keep you updated about changes

  • Shop all companies at one time
  • Peace of mind, knowing everything is taken care of