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Pre-65 Retiree Health Insurance Options: We compare all health insurance plans on the public exchange and the private market to determine which plans offer the best benefits for your unique situation and identify opportunities to take advantage of government subsidies. In addition, we verify medical providers in each network to ensure you maintain access to your healthcare professionals.

Medicare Supplement Plans: Use our private exchange for Medicare beneficiaries to compare all Medicare Supplement Plans available in your area. Learn about other important factors as well including market experience, financial ratings and price increase history.

Prescription Drug Plans (for Medicare beneficiaries): When you enroll through us, and every year during the Annual Enrollment Period, we create a customized prescription drug plan comparison report showing you the three most affordable plan options based upon the prescriptions you are taking and the pharmacy you prefer. Our average customer saves over $200 per year from this report alone. Request Comparison Report

Vision & Dental:  We help you identify the most affordable dental and vision plans so you can maintain great vision and dental hygiene.

Price Increase Protection: Inevitably, you will receive price increases as you age. When this happens we will help you compare prices from all insurance companies to see if there is a more affordable option. If a better option is available we will switch you free of charge.

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